The strategic partner to invest in non-performing loans and real estate properties

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We develop and jointly share investment projects for non-performing loan acquisitions in partnership with our investors.

‘Financial culture’ is at the heart of our everyday activities and helps us provide the market with the most innovative and advanced investment tools in an ever-growing industry.

We oversee every stage of the investment process and implement strategies to increase property values:

  • Origination and selection process

    in recent years we have sourced investment opportunities with more than 50 counterparties. Each investment project is vetted through a comprehensive processes of both credits and real estate assets guarantees due diligence.

  • Implementation of most effective solutions

    we adopt the best financial solutions to meet the needs of our investors, and through a ReoCo we provide innovative tools required to compete successfully in the real estate market.

  • Assets value enhancement

    We increase an asset value by personally managing loans and their collaterals through an extensive and effective use of ReoCos.

Legal and Real Estate Advisory Services

Our expert knowledge allows us to offer highly specialised services and support to those Real Estate companies seeking a competent and reliable business partner that can deliver outstanding operational efficiencies and consulting services.